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Remote Controlled / Powered Programmable Lens Board Multi-Capture Camera Build

With the guiding principles of Alfred Stiglitz, who encouraged photogrpahers to expand boundries, and Ansel Adams, who taught us that we make an image, in mind I decided to design/build a camera.  The camera was designed around a Riteway 4x5 sheet film slide.  Turn of the century lenses on a camera capable of accepting currently manufactured film sizes adds to the creative power of the established art of photography. The addition of programmable/remote powered stepper motors that are controlled via joystick/button configuration for precise movements. This view/bellows style camera is what really sets this camera apart from others, allowing for people with disabilities such as prosthetics or arthritis to participate in this activity, hobby, profession. (patents pending).



The Model

Making a model bridges the gap between concept and reality, exposing any faults that may not have been considered during the design phase. For this design, the great foamcore was used.


First Draft

Putting it together with real hardware.  This runthrough develops the assembly process and additional material considerations. And it is nice to see the idea being realized. More durable pattern pieces were made of 1/16 basswood for a second draft based on the assembled 1st draft measurements for a durable camera and consistant measurements.



Second Draft

Once the assembly process had been walked though during the first draft build I began a second build.  With the 2nd camera build, some amendments were made, and additional parts were created to fit.


A Working Camera

This build was a culmination of all knowledge gathered previously, with the addition of a lens and some additional parts to make a functional camera.  Test images will be posted soon.



Test Roll

Image from a test roll of 120 film. Everything worked fine.  I had no concerns regarding the concept, really just needed to ensure that the joints held.


Powered Film Advance

During testing I foresaw that for a better user experience, the need for monitoring the sequence of turns during frame adavancement could be eliminated. It took a few attempts to get a functioning design, but one was accomplished (but first I had to learn coding for Arduino lol).



Powered Lens Board

After the powered film advance was completed, a carraige system was designed to actuate the lens board with stepper motors and a servo. Remote powered operarion of the lens board (vert tilt/shift and focus) is achieved through these added components.


Time to Have Fun

Now that the core capabilities have been designed, I will continue to test and refine the design. (While developing a few other projects going on in the background :D).



Remote Control Added (wired)

A combination of buttons and joystick controls allow the user to position the lens/es. (Yes you read that right, a homemade camera means that you, the maker, has complete control over the build and it's capabilities).  One of the most fun parts of being an artist is making your own tools, my personal opinion anyway.  Take care all, I hope this inspires you to take on a personal project and I look forwards to sharing the results of this contiuing project.

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