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Box Camera Build

This is a personal project.  The goal is to build a camera that works efficiently with style that I prefer to photograph in.  The secrecy is purposeful, the design will be revealed after it is nearing completion; but in the meantime, enjoy these teaser updates.



The Model

Making a model bridges the gap between concept and reality, exposing any faults that may not have been considered during the design phase. For this design, the great foamcore was used.


First Draft

Putting it together with real hardware.  This runthrough develops the assembly process and additional material considerations. And it is nice to see the idea being realized. More durable pattern pieces were made of 1/16 basswood for a second draft based on the assembled 1st draft measurements for a durable camera and consistant measurements.



Second Draft

Once the assembly process had been walked though during the first draft build I began a second build.  With the 2nd camera build, some amendments were made, and additional parts were created to fit.


Third / Working Draft

This build was a culmination of all knowledge gathered previously, with the addition of a lens and some additional parts to make a functional camera.  Test images will be posted soon.

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