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Kodak No. 3 A Folding: 120 Film Adapter & Advance Knob

This project was born for a love of photography's history. So many cameras are left disregarded as junk or dust collectors. However, that is not the case.  With a little time and work, they are once again mediums of creativity.  This project is designed for a camera that has a clear lens, working shutter, and in-tact bellows.

Adjustments: more "finger-friendly" advance knob, block-style 120 film adapters, and noteworthy film back.



Getting Started

First thing to do was to take apart as much as I felt comfortable and take measurements. I did not origianlly plan on removing the back. However, the deteriorated fabric failed, and I created a new back that displays the film advance turn count for user, and provides a place for additional notes (bottom picture) - the back is not a necessary modification.


Design and Test

This is the "fun" part.



Edit the Design

Once the fine adjustments have been made, everything is in place. The black screws pictured here do not penetrate the camera body, they just hold the lid in place.



The rewards of labor. Take care all :D

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