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I enjoy puzzles, always have, and that is how I approach design projects; however, before a potential part is placed, a lot of thought goes into the purpose and feasability/accessability.  Always with the intent to assist and expand creative possiblities.


Have you ever asked yourself, "What is art?"? For a long time I have tried to answer that question, and I have opinions lol Art = an Artist Representation of Things? Or an Artist Representation of Thoughts ? (A.R.T. lol); sure; but really my goal is for art to have a life, to connect with an audience.  That movement can happen as a sorrowful quiet private moment a day later, or as an impulsive burst of laughter.  One of the most enjoyable askpects of creating art is the callenge of using images to portray the aspects of our culture and surroundings,  a fun venture that can lead to adventure.

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