Steve Nakatani is happy to be a new resident artist at d’Art Center.  Though he has a degree in Computer Aided Drafting & Design, he found a wonderful expressive outlet in the tactile art of ceramics.  As a resident artist at d’Art he creates a diverse range of works in clay, taking advantage of the ceramic art’s ability to capture virtually any aspect of his imagination - from form to finish.  Speaking of finish, you may notice some works that appear “un-finished”, this is a deliberate, gestural action resonating from a combination of frustration and all of the Grunge and Punk music he has listened to for the past three decades or so.  Otherwise you will see a gamut of forms from him that range from minimal and sophisticated to energetic and kitch.  To encourage future generations to consider/appreciate the arts, he also provides several open studio creative sessions throughout the week - with convenient day-time hours available for homeschooling parents.  The ceramic studio space is small (4-6 students/class) quiet, and great for individualized instruction.  There are fun evening events/classes are also available for those nights y’all just want to get out of the house.   Take care, and thank you for taking the time to read this :)